For Members

End of Year Luncheon

May 1 @ 1130 a.m. at the Belleair Country Club.

Cost is $25,   Entree selections TBA

Join us for our end of year celebration and installation of new officers.  

Hospitality Committee

Please Note:  

       It is the responsibility of each member to serve on at least one Hospitality Committee during the

       Club year.  If you are unable to do the month assigned, YOU MUST ARRANGE A SUBSTITUTE. 

       If such a change is made, please notify the Hospitality Host for your month.

Sign up for the 2019-20 Club year will occur at the April meeting.  Sign up for your preferred month before it is filled!!

Board Members 2018-19


President:   Kathe Hardwick

1st Vice President:  Carol Frecker

2nd Vice President:  Caroline Kaufmann

Recording Secretary:  Anne John

Corresponding Secretary: Kathleen Knight

Treasurer:  Michael Knight

Assistant Treasurer:  Judy Hanks


Pat Acken

Jan Bradish

Suzanne Inzina

Laura Katz

Robert Lindstrom

Dorothy Osborn

Ann Schroderheim

Judy Sorenson

Meeting Minutes

Information coming soon