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About Us

We  are a group of women and men who are interested in gardening and  sharing our knowledge with others.  Guests are encouraged to attend any  of our monthly programs.  Membership is open to all residents of the  greater Belleair area.


To  further the education of members and the public in the field of  horticulture, to promote the conservation and beautification of our  public access parks, homes and gardens.


The  Club was formed in 1950.  Meetings were originally held in members'  homes and various local venues.  Since 1974, we have met in our  clubhouse at 903 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Belleair.  Our facility was  originally built and used as the Belleair Town Hall.  The building was  placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1994.  Our Club  continues to flourish and we have a magnificent clubhouse for all  members to enjoy.  Come visit us!

Club Flower - Gardenia            Club Colors - Green & White

President's Message

I'm so pleased that you have visited the Belleair Garden Club website.

What is presented on these pages is only the tip of the iceberg about our organization.  I invite you to attend an event to get to know some of our members and experience the depth and diversity of our membership.  We run the gamut from highly skilled and experienced gardeners to those of us who are more into the appreciation of horticulture and the beauty it provides. I know you'll learn something you didn't know before by attending one of our meetings.  

Our programs are varied across the environmental spectrum from agriculture to zoology (well at least the birds and bees that contribute to our world).

We have a strong connection to our community through our local butterfly garden, Belleair Parks, the ARC of Tampa Bay's Festival of Trees, support of RCS, our "Junk and Jewels" sale, etc.  We also support graduating Pinellas County students through our scholarship fund for college studies in horticulture and related fields.

We meet from October - May so come back toward the end of summer to see our programs we've scheduled for this coming season.  

Come join us at a meeting and I know you'll want to stay!

Carol Frecker

President 2019-2020

Contact Us

Belleair Garden Club

903 Ponce De Leon Boulevard, Belleair, Florida 33756, United States

727-586-4021 email: belleairgardenclub1@gmail.com